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First of all - a few things you should know about me when it comes to Bios - I hate it when musicians write their own biographies and do so in the 3rd person – as a matter of fact – I think any band bio on a musician's web site is usually automatically assumed as written by the artist unless otherwise specified. And then the 3rd person thing just sound stupid – “So and so was born into a musical family blah blah blah and felt a calling from his soul to play music and so on and stuff…..” I also hate when these schmucks take their official band photo in a field, barn, railroad station or some rustic locate staring forlornly into the distance as if engrossed in some deep thought. Or side by side with their arms crossed across their chest trying to look all hard – like they’re taking a yearbook photo for high school jv wrestling or something….. so I’ll try to keep that kinda shit to a minimum. I’ve been told that this style of biography is more of a rant and less of a professional grade bio – but I really don’t care – this is much more my style…..

Hi – I’m Dean – I play music. Like any male musician on the planet I started playing guitar and singing for the same reason everyone does - to pick up girls – and any guy with a guitar in his hands that tells you differently is a frickin liar – especially if you’re cute and female when you ask. I figure if Mic Jagger can get women with his ugly mug there must be something to this whole music thing. For those that care about history - I was born in Odessa Texas behind Nimitz Junior high (well, not literally behind the school – like in a dumpster or anything) I was born in a HOUSE which was directly behind the school. Growing up I lived in Austin, Dallas, and Nashville and went to college in Tallahassee Florida. I’ve back packed across Europe, lived in a Colorado ski town teaching snowboarding for a season, worked as a horseback riding instructor at a YMCA camp outside Fort Worth, been on a movie set with Jet Lee as a stunt man, was a division 1A cheerleader for 3 seasons, spent a summer as a surf bum in San Diego and have earned an A Class Skydiving License - oh and I’m in a band too.

I play music because I love it and have no desire to do anything else – you ‘d have to – this job is not easy, steady or lucrative work (well, sometimes it’s lucrative...). We put up with some scheister bar owners, ding-dong drunk bimbos, obnoxious intoxicated college guys, biker riots, and worst of all each other!!! We sleep in flea bag motels all over the state, drive the worst excuse of a van, eat dinner at Exxon and waffle house and pathetically pretend we’re big rock stars while playing hotel bars - in places like Kerrville - for rooms full of middle aged overweight white ladies who request Rick Springfield hits from 3 decades ago…. then again sometime we’re fortunate enough to occasionally play kick ass shows that somewhat resemble that rock and roll dream we’re chasing…

If you’re impressed by name dropping we’ve done shows with Dwight Yoakam, Aaron Tippin, Molly Hatchet, Bad Company, Jimmy Vaughan, Charlie Daniels, David Allen Coe, Billy Joe Shaver, Roger Clyne, Pat, Cory, Roger, Reckless, Cross, JJ Walker, tours to France…… you get the idea yet? Biggest crowd I’ve ever played in front of – 56,000. Smallest crowd I’ve ever played in front of at a public establishment – 2 (not counting my dog.)

The Shtick - "high energy redneck rock n roll." Turn it up, have a few drinks, and blow yer head off – that’s what we’re about.
I’ve been accused of doing Hollywood shots on stage – you know, bottle to lips pretending to drink without every actually ingesting any alcohol – anybody who’s known me for 5 minutes can have a good laugh with me over that one. I’ve never done that.  I try ("try" mind you) to learn from my mistakes and move on - but sometimes that doesn't work out for me none too much - I'm kind of a knucklehead that way.

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