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Houston Examiner:
"Really it wasn't just a performance, it was a PARTY!"
Dean tells it like it is.  But what's even better, he sings it like it is.  His lyrics and emotion when belting out his original tunes are quite refreshing. Dean and his band “The Redneck Mothers” were just at The Firehouse... (click here for the full review.)

Live review:
The Iron Angels Motorcycle Rally had an impressive turnout despite the cold weather. Dean Seltzer & The Redneck Mothers headlined the show to a pretty appreciative... (click here for the full review)

Check out the Best in Texas Magazine write up!

Click to see photos of the show in Mirande France.

Austin-based Dean Seltzer fires off an unexpected cannon blast from the sometimes drab Red Dirt scene with Lady Luck... (click here for the full review.)

Country Chart review of the album "Lady Luck":
Dean Seltzer describes his music as "high energy, obnoxious, redneck rock 'n roll." Well, he couldn't have said it better, because Seltzer's terrific new album titled "Lady Luck" is a hard-driving, rockin' amalgamation... (click here for the complete review.)

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